Who We Are

Chef Leonardo Curie

I have been in the food industry all my life. My family has owned 3 restaurants, so I have been trained in the field, as well as trained at El Cordon Bleu, and also overseas. I have learned various recipes through my journeys, and have made them my own healthier versions, to share with you. All of our food is prepared by certified cooks, at a government regulated facility with a grade A.

Our Mission

We believe in offering our clients a convenient, affordable, “HEALTHY LIFESTYLE”. We hope to hear from you soon and get you started this upcoming Monday. We would love to have you as part of our team.

Our Food


Whether you are trying to gain some muscle or lose some unwanted fat, we have the perfect portions for you. Each meal is custom weighed and portioned for each and every single one of our customers. We understand every person has different goals and needs, and we are happy to cater to any diet. We cater to pescatarian, vegan, omnivore, vegetarian, diabetic, gastritis, and so on...... So we can customize your meals Just for you and help you reach your goals that much quicker. We offer macro counting and are happy to cater to any allergies, favorite foods, or disliked foods as well.

We change our menu every week, to this day, we have done over 400 different recipes! We hope to keep them coming new every week.

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